Wisconsin Joins National October 5th Actions Calling for Path to Citizenship and An End to Deportations

On October 5th, immigrant families and organizations nationwide will escalate pressure on both President Obama and the Republican-led House, calling on the President to use his executive authority to end deportations  – and on Congressman Paul Ryan to introduce an immigration bill with a path to citizenship this month.

Ryan has been widely recognized as a leader in the immigration debate, and has previously said that he expected movement on legislation in October.  On Saturday, families will unite in four different cities across the state to call for relief.

“This is the civil rights fight of our time in a defining moment, and Republican Party members must understand that they cannot get away with simply saying “I tried” and political posturing for the next election,” says Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera.

“Nearly 75% of Latino voters voted for President Obama in the wake of passage of deferred action for immigrant youth that granted them legal status, due to community pressure like the escalations planned throughout October. If Congress doesn’t act, then we demand executive administrative relief for 11 million – under an administration that has separated more families through deportation than any other.

Unlike Congressional representatives, our movement is not cynically driven by a legislative or electoral agenda.  It is measured by an affirmation of our human dignity under inhumane laws.  And the majority of the American people stand with us.”

More information on the national day of action can be found at www.octoberimmigration.org