Immigrant Women Call On Rep. Paul Ryan For Legislation

Mothers & Daughters Demand Ryan “Clear the Path to Citizenship” & Stop Record Deportations

Three generations of the Anguiano family (from left: Sofia, Cecilia, and Luz Maria) risked arrest along with nine other women today at Paul Ryan’s office in Racine, acting in the name of their family in Mexico who have been waiting 17 years for a visa and re-unification.

Following a week-long vigil and afternoon rally, on Friday immigrant women came together in Racine to block Sixth Street and call on Congressman Paul Ryan for a legalization process that protects family unity.

At a town hall meeting in July, Congressman Ryan, a key player in the fight for immigration reform, promised legislation that will keep our families together by October. October has come and gone, and families are now holding the Congressman responsible for his words.

Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa spoke at the rally, prior to the street action: “Congressman Ryan has been saying all the right things for a while now when it comes to championing immigration reform.  But it’s time for the Congressman to walk the walk and give us a vote.”

Among the participants risking arrest today was the Anguiano family, women of three generations – a mother, daughter, and granddaughter, as well as Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera.

“I have been waiting almost 17 years for my siblings to receive visas through the family based petition I submitted in 1997. Our current system separates families of all statuses, legal or not. It is a truly dysfunctional system when people like my siblings are “in line” for almost two decades in their attempt to legally immigrate to the United States,” says Sofia Anguiano of Racine, who participated along with her mother Luz and daughter Cecilia.

“We condemn the 34,000 national daily detentions and the 1,100 daily deportations under Immigration and Customs Enforcement, driven by quotas rather than security, and call on Paul Ryan and Congress for fast action for a legalization process that protects family unity.”

Luisa Morales, a graduate student at UW-Whitewater: “Paul Ryan, I want to believe that as a member of the House of Representatives you are looking out for the interests of the people of Wisconsin. You know that our immigration system is broken. As the daughter of parents who came to this country as undocumented immigrants, I want you to fight for what immigration reform is truly about, the ability for families to stay together.”

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