Jim Cusack, lifelong fighter for justice and a vital friend of Voces, passes

Today with heavy heart we share the sad news of Jim Cusack’s passing. He was battling lung cancer.  Jim was an angel that walked this earth.

He was a retired union carpenter of Irish descent and he honored his own family roots of fighting discrimination and lived his faith every moment, every day in every action to help the weakest among us. 

For years, he accompanied many immigrant workers and their families by driving them to their ICE court appointments in Chicago to provide moral support and help people get there who are denied the right to drive and work legally to support their families.  

Many times he came to our office to bring people. He drove to meet the organization and staff and share his reflections on the injustices he saw.

 He visited many immigrants in detention centers and prayed with them with a prisoner’s  rosary made of yarn.

He always marched and voted and organized for justice. He never stopped fighting. 

A postcard that arrived from him Sunday said, “I see myself in you and Voces. ‘Be not afraid. I am not afraid.  We are asked to walk together, love and take care of one another.'” (St. Francis) Solidarity, Jim. “

Our condolences to his wonderful wife, Jeanne, and his family. 

Rest In Peace, Jim. We will keep the struggle going in honor of our Jim and other fallen heroes who fought with us.

Please feel free to share your memories or photos of Jim.  We will post an update on any commemoration that his family organizes.

Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director, Voces de la Frontera