Help us stop deportations

Imagine that you and your family are sleeping in your home and heavily armed immigration agents purportedly looking for someone who supposedly committed a civil immigration violation; the person does not live in your home but the agents force themselves into your home, without an order or arrest against you or your family, interrogate everyone and take some of your loved ones.

Later in media press releases they state that only criminals were arrested; such as statements by State of Wisconsin Attorney General Van Hollen and the Office of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after home raid operations.

We all know that is a lie. Because in the last few years we have witnessed an increase of deportations and violations of civil rights, labor rights, and racial profiling in our state and nationally.

For example, a case in Hartford, Wisconsin in which a young man and his sister (without any criminal record) where simply getting gas for their car at a gas station when a police officer, without any basis, started to question the young man about whether or not he had a driver’s license, and for not having one, arrested him and took him to jail which initiated a deportation process.

In another recent case, during a home raid operation, immigration agents did not find the person they were looking for and they arrested a man for a 10 year old parking ticket, which was paid, took him to jail and now he faces deportation.

In another home raid, immigration agents entered a home without permission looking for someone that did not live at that address.

In another case a police officer questioned all the passengers in a car he had stopped about their immigration status.

These are a few of the many examples of repression that working class families face.

Voces de la Frontera is starting a campaign to document violations of civil Rights; for example fourth amendment constitutional violations which protect all people against unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents without reasonable cause or legal authority.

We want to collaborate with media outlets, organizations, and attorneys to document unjust deportations of non-criminals, cases of racial discrimination, violations of civil and labor rights, and abuse of authority in order to file complaints with the Department of Civil Rights within Department of Homeland Security and at the County level to put an end to unjust deportations, the increase of discrimination and racial hatred. If you have been a victim or know someone please come to our office or call 414-643-1620.

We must not remain silent and we must bring to light all the abuses in order to achieve just treatment.

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