What You Need to Know about Obama’s New Immigration Policy

On August 18th the Obama Administration annonced a new policy regarding deportations which many people should be informed of to avoid scams or fraud.


People who are under deportation proceedings now or in the future and have NOT committed high priority serious crimes.

For example, serious crimes include homicides, traffickers, rapists, terrorists, gang members, a long criminal record, and unfortunately, the list includes as a negative factor if you came in and were deported earlier.

If you or someone you know is under deportation due to civil infraction or misdemeanor, the case will be reviewed by a workgroup formed by high ranking officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and there is a possibility that the case could be administratively closed by the immigration court and later on, the person will be eligible for a temporary work permit (not permanent residency).

There are no guarantees that everyone will be eligible, but the following factors will be considered favorable:

• Individuals in the armed forces or with an immediate relative in the armed forces, especially if in combat;
• Long term permanent residents;
• Minors and seniors;
• People who came to the US while very young;
• People who graduated from high school in the US or who have continued higher education;
• Pregnant or nursing women and the husband who takes care of them;
• Victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and serious crimes;
• People with serious physical or mental disability;
•Individuals with serious health conditions;
• How many years you have been in the US;
• Your ties and contributions to the community;
• If you have an immediate relative as spouse, parent, or sibling who is US citizen or permanent resident or who has a pending case;
• If you are the main relative responsible of taking care of a minor or a relative with serious physical or mental disability, or someone seriously ill;
•People who are or have been cooperating with federal, state, or local agents such as ICE, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, or the National Labor Relations Board, and others.

All the other factors that will be considered do not appear on this list; many factors from the person will be considered, case by case. Currently, 300,000 pending cases will be reviewed.


The following information on this section comes from the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

• THIS IS NOT AN AMNESTY PROGRAM. You should NOT trust anyone telling you that he/she can register you for a work permit or who can get a legal status for you based on the August 18th, 2011 announcement!
• DO NOT TURN YOURSELF IN TO IMMIGRATION. There is no “safe” way of turning yourself in to the immigration authorities and there is NO guarantee that your case will be considered as a “low priority case”. ANY person who comes in contact with immigration authorities may be confined, detained, and even deported.
• Only a QUALIFIED IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY may evaluate your case and guide you regarding your rights. You should NOT seek legal advice from a notary public or an immigration consultant. A directory of AILA lawyers can be found on the web page www.ailalawyer.com or visit Voces de la Frontera legal clinic; to find out the schedule of immigration attorneys, call 1-414-643-1620 or see the calendar in the newspaper or online]


This confirms the importance of fighting to demand our rights as workers and as human beings. Our efforts to mobilize the vote on the past elections (and denying the vote in the 2012 elections), actions as rallies, marches, civil disobedience, legal demands- all of these put pressure on the Obama Administration to fulfill one of our key demands: to stop the deportation of people who have not committed serious crimes.

For the same reason, we need to keep on struggling to achieve our objective: legalization. The road is uphill but we have advanced little by little due to the great support from our people who have taken part in marches, mobilizations such as the vote, and training workshops.

National organizations such as Voces de la Frontera, are requesting people to call the White House to thank for this new immigration policy. English: 866-998-2910. Spanish: 866-996-5161.

It is necessary to call and keep ourselves actively united, as we have since the beginning.

Unity gives Strength.

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