We Are Home Campaign

Because we are #EssentialNotDeportable
Because we demand #CitizenshipForAll

Because #WeAreHome

Black, Brown and Immigrant voters chose a new vision for our country: one where all are welcomed, no matter our race, religion or place of birth. We came together in the face of hate to build a multi-generational and multicultural coalition to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who now must follow through on their promises. We delivered. Now, they must deliver, too. 

Right now, the most powerful action we can take is calling on our Wisconsin democratic delegation to ensure that they will stand with us as champions for immigrant rights and promise to vote to include a pathway to citizenship for immigrant essential workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and their families in the forthcoming COVID-19 reconciliation bill. Congress Democrats can pass this bill all on their own, without bi-partisanship support, which means that NOW is the time to ensure that our Wisconsin democratic representatives will stand with us! 

TAKE ACTION: The #WeAreHome Lobbying Toolkit

Below is a lobbying toolkit, outlining ways you can help demand the legalization of immigrant essential workers is included in the forthcoming COVID-19 reconciliation bills.