Voces Sustaining Membership

Become a Voces Sustaining Member Today and Help us Build our Organizing Power!

Art by Colin Matthes.

Your commitment to being a sustaining member is your commitment to help us build our collective power.

In a traditional Voces membership, you pay one fee to purchase your membership. Sustaining membership is different: you pay monthly via your bank account or credit card, and so dues are paid over time. We do not need to remind you to renew your membership because you will renew automatically. This saves us all time, and ensures that you remain an active member.  

Sustaining members who give $21 a month (or more) or a total of $250 (or more) annually will receive a mural tile with your name on it in our new building on Mitchell St! Multiple members can also pool their dues to amount to $250, and have their names on a shared tile. 

Sustaining Membership is key to building power and owning our organization. Become a sustaining member today! 

To become a sustaining member: 

  1. Go to this secure site.
  2. Fill in the form. 
  3. Determine which monthly contribution is right for you. Choosing a monthly contribution on this form is how you choose to be a sustaining member, instead of a one-time membership donation. 
  4. Submit the form. 

Become a sustaining member today and invite your friends to do so as well! Thank you!