Send a Stop AB190 Postcard to your Legislators!

Send postcards to your legislators urging them to oppose the discriminatory, anti-immigrant bill AB190!

Fernando signs a postcard for Sen. Stephen Nass

Organize a postcard party and invite your friends and neighbors to come fill out postcards. Ask them to bring stamps! Here’s how:

  1. Identify your state legislators. Click here to find out.
  2. Ask a location to host the event. Examples include:
    • Ask a local restaurant or coffee shop to let you set up a table one afternoon
    • Work with your place of worship to set up a table after the service 
    • Reserve a room in a public library
    • Set up an event at a local union hall or community organization
    • Host a party at your own house one evening
  3. Get the postcards! You can print off postcards yourself by clicking here. If you prefer Voces mail you cards, click here.
  4. Let Voces know that you’re hosting the party! Fill out the form below.
  5. Share pictures from your party on Facebook and with Voces. You can even invite local media to your event. 
  6. Once you have all your postcards signed and stamped, mail them out! Let Voces know how many you sent.


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