Senator Johnson Turns His Back on Wisconsin Families with Vote Against Immigration Reform

As Bill Moves to the House, Families Call On Congressman Ryan for Leadership


Today, Senator Johnson sided with a minority of Senators in opposing the historic passage of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744).  The bill cleared the Senate with a bipartisan majority of 68-32.

Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera says:

“Senator Johnson’s actions today did not match his compassionate rhetoric for Wisconsin families that are facing the threat of separation due to a broken immigration system.   His “no” vote is an affront to the families and children he met with – and to the residents of Wisconsin that filled his listening sessions throughout state with overwhelming support for immigration reform.”

Salvador Rojas Jr, a 14 year old student who led a children’s delegation to Washington, DC to meet with Senator Johnson, added:  ” My dad is facing deportation, and he is no criminal.  I was counting on Senator Johnson my representative, from my state, to stand with us today.  Our family’s future depends on this bill, and today he let us down.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin supported the historic passage of the bill, issuing a statement: “The time is now for the House of Representatives to stop standing in the way of progress for our country and move the Senate reform plan forward.”

As the House takes up the bipartisan immigration bill, Voces de la  Frontera will work with our House representatives to address the need for key provisions: preserving our family based immigration system, extending the arbitrary eligibility cutoff date, providing a reasonable path to citizenship in no more than 5 years, and ensuring  there are no hard triggers that would push people off a path to citizenship.

The current bill still raises serious concerns.

“While it’s critical that the legislative process continues, the excessive border militarization in the final negotiations is unwarranted, and should not be used to hold hostage the aspirations of millions of New Americans,” says Neumann-Ortiz.

“Now we call on Congressman Ryan, and our other congressional representatives, to provide the necessary leadership in the House to win real reform that honors our families.”