Phone Bank Scripts

Democrats have a responsibility to deliver on their promise to pass a pathway to citizenship through the Build Back Better reconciliation budget bill, which is set to reach a final Congressional vote on or before October 31st.

The days leading up to this vote are critical and we must continue to call our Democratic Representatives, including Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. 

See scripts and contact information below.

No matter what language you speak, no matter your immigration status, you have a constitutional right to hold your elected officials accountable. You can call any time of day and leave a voicemail. Make sure to leave your name and address. 

We have never been this close to winning citizenship for millions. We can’t lose momentum now! 

Call Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin today using the script below: 

Contact Sen. Baldwin at the numbers listed below. Choose the area closest to you. 

  • Milwaukee: (414) 297-4451
  • Madison: (608) 264-5338
  • Green Bay: (920) 498-2668
  • La Crosse (608) 796-0045
  • Ashland (715) 832-8424

Hi Senator Baldwin, 

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I live at [YOUR ADDRESS].  I’m calling to urge you to disregard the Senate Parliamentarian and work with your Democratic colleagues in Congress to pass a path to citizenship this year in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill.

In a letter you wrote to Voces de la Frontera earlier this year, you said, ‘we must get comprehensive immigration reform done, using whatever legislative path we can’. You now have the opportunity and a responsibility to make good on your promise and champion the thousands of Wisconsin immigrant essential workers, Dreamers and families who are counting on you to pull through and deliver. 

[CALLER: Add details about why this is important to you, ex: I’m an immigrant essential worker, this would mean my family and I wouldn’t have to live in fear, etc.]

Democrats need to fulfill their promises, including their promise to pass a path to citizenship, in order for Latinxs, voters of color and allies to keep participating in the electoral process. We need results, not more broken promises.