Palermo Workers Union Files Illegal Intimidation Charges Against Palermo Villa

NLRB Delays Union Election Pending Investigation

In response to an increase in disturbing intimidation tactics by Palermo Villa against its employees, the Palermo Workers Union filed additional charges to the National Labor Relations Board this week.  The charges specify further violations of the workers’ rights to organize at the pizza factory.

The charges of illegal intimidation, a severe violation of worker rights under the National Labor Relations Act, are serious enough that the Labor Board has decided to delay the union election while they conduct an investigation.

“When we first came together to organize to improve conditions at Palermo, we easily gathered support from 80% of the work force.” says Roberto Silva of the Palermo Workers Union.

“162 permanent employees of the bargaining unit signed a petition for union representation before the strike. Since then, at least 90 strikers have been unjustly fired.  These retaliatory terminations and other violations by the company have made the atmosphere at Palermo too intimidating for most of our co-workers to feel free to exercise their right to support organizing.”

“We call on Palermo to return their long-term dedicated workforce to their jobs, and to hold a free and fair process to recognize the workers’ choice to unionize and bargain a labor agreement,” says Reverend Willie Brisco of Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH).

“It is a true injustice to refuse to address their genuine need for humane schedules and sick leave policies, improved health and safety, and a living wage. It’s in the interest of both the management and the employees to settle this conflict fairly and get back to making pizza again.”