No Hate in Our State! Toolkit to Stop AB190/SB275!



Here you will find everything you need to tell your legislators to stop the discriminatory anti-immigrant bill AB190/SB275 and support returning driver’s licenses to immigrants! Click here to read the Assembly version of the bill, AB 190. Click here to read the Senate version, SB275.

AB190/SB275 would have local law enforcement act like Immigration agents. AB190/SB275 would separate Wisconsin families, increase racial profiling, harm our economy, and make everyone less safe by making community members afraid to report crimes.

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Click here to sign the petition urging Governor Walker to block AB190!

Sign-on Letter

Sign this letter and send it by mail and fax to Governor Walker and to your state legislator. Call them to make sure they get it! 


5 facts about the anti-immigrant bill AB190

5 Facts about 287g (English) Here is what you need to tell Scott Walker why he needs to remove Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and appoint a Sheriff who will reject 287g and support reforms in the department to stop the deaths and civil rights abuses!