Sign the Petition! Stop Collaboration between the Milwaukee Police Department & ICE!

Currently, the Milwaukee Police Department’s Standard Operating Procedure on Immigration, SOP 130, encourages officers to report community members they encounter to ICE in a wide variety of circumstances. We are urging Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission to do what many cities have done and reform SOP 130 to bar collaboration between MPD and ICE. Scroll down to sign our petition to the FPC! 

In the past, Milwaukee police have threatened to call ICE on community members, MPD has assisted in ICE raids, and immigrant families have lived in fear of the police. Now more than ever, as Trump seeks to co-opt local law enforcement into his campaign of terror against immigrants, we need to make sure that our local resources are not used to separate immigrant families. 

Ending collaboration between MPD and ICE would decrease racial profiling, increase public safety, and keep families together. Sign the petition urging the Fire & Police Commission to amend SOP 130 to stop collaboration between MPD and ICE!

Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission: Stop Collaboration between the Milwaukee Police Department & ICE!

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