Green Bay meatpacker Voces identified 2 weeks ago as health hazard is closed, not until 189 workers caught COVID-19

Two weeks ago, Voces de la Frontera blew the whistle on COVID-19 problems at JBS Packerland, a Green Bay meatpacker.

Finally, after at least 189 cases among workers have surfaced, the plant has been shut down.

JBS and at least one other Green Bay firm Voces identified, American Foods, are the main reason Wisconsin has recorded five consecutive days with more than 200 new cases reported, according to media.

The Milwaukee Journal noted:

“Voces de la Frontera, a Milwaukee-based worker rights group, filed complaints about JBS and American Foods to OSHA on April 13, according to records. Voces asked for both companies to provide masks, ensure employees can practice social distancing and inform workers about positive cases.”

Click here to see Voces’ April 13 letter to JBS Packerland and government officials.