Chris Weisenbeck

Chris is a farmer in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. 

My farm is a fourth generation dairy farm. We milk about 350 cows.

Before I started employing Hispanic people, I had a very difficult time finding people… Most of the time I would find teenagers or people who were out of work and they were usually a short-term hire. I disagree that I’m taking work away from other people because most of them do not want this kind of work.

It’s very frustrating as an employer to have people very capable of working who have difficulty with their papers, have difficulty obtaining things like drivers’ licenses – I’m just for some reform.

I believe Hispanic people are helping the community because they come with their families and families are the social fabric of communities. They are delightful, good people, good for our communities.

I’ve been in the villages where my employees are from. There is no work in those villages. They are very impoverished, very poor. They are glad to get out looking for work and that’s why they’re up working for us.

I just hope these kind of meetings don’t fall on deaf ears and that people can hear and speak up to our legislators so that they understand the problems we are having in the country.

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