Join Voces on May 23rd at the Fight for $15 March on McDonald’s!


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Join Voces at the Fight for $15 March on McDonald's!

On Tuesday, May 23rd, join Voces de la Frontera to go to Chicago to march on McDonald's with the Fight for $15! The march itself is at 4pm at the Richard J. Daley Center (Washington and Dearborn). Buses will leave from Voces at 1:30. Join us! McD's just doubled its CEO pay to $15 million, but workers are still struggling to survive, still sexually harassed, & still getting wages stolen. McDonald’s way of doing business is holding EVERYONE back. McDonald’s low wages cost taxpayers more than $1 billion a year, because more than half of us are forced to rely on public assistance to support our families. We are marching because this not only worker's issue, but this is an immigrant, racial, women, LGBTQ, and enviromental issue. When we beat McDonald's, we will all win. Join us!
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