Federal Court Rules Wisconsin Redistricting Map Must Be Redrawn

Federal Court Rules Wisconsin Redistricting Map Must Be Redrawn

Latino Civil Rights Upheld

In a momentous decision, a federal court ruled that the State of Wisconsin cannot use the newly drawn redistricting maps for Assembly Districts 8 and 9. This ruling affirms Voces de la Frontera’s legal challenge that the map violates the civil rights of Latino voters under the Voting Rights Act.

In October 2011, Voces de la Frontera filed a lawsuit on the basis that Wisconsin’s newly-approved legislative redistricting map deprives the Latino community on Milwaukee’s south side of an effective voting majority in the 8th Assembly district.

According to Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera:

“This is a vindication, that we were right. If the Republican Party had chosen to honor the public process—instead of operating secretly—there would have been the opportunity for a meaningful discussion and debate. Instead, it only serves as a lengthy and costly lesson.”

Attorney Peter Earle noted that the legislature has now been charged with crafting a remedy and Voces de la Frontera will insist that this time around, the legislative process must be open, inclusive and transparent.

“There will be no place for secrecy agreements. Most importantly, the new 8th Assembly district must have a Latino citizen voting age majority of 60%,” says Earle.