The time has come for a clear path to legalization for the 11 million undocumented people in this country.

Below are some ways you can help:

1. Will you be 1 of 100 callers and commit to calling your Senator every day for the next week? 

We’re going to need to pass this bill with strong bi-partisan support in order for the legislation to survive in the House, which is why it’s imperative your Senator hear from you now.

Click here to pledge. Just 100 calls a day can make or break a piece of legislation.

2. Help us call on other supporters to contact their representatives!  We’ve organized an ongoing Milwaukee phone bank:

Phone calls at SEIU office: 600 W. Virginia St Suite 202, Milwaukee

Wednesday June 26 from 6-8pm, Saturday June 29 from 10am-2pm

3. Attend a town hall or mobile office hours:

Click here for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s mobile office schedule.

4. Arm yourself with the facts, and spread the word!

Click here to access our immigration reform toolkit, which includes sample «letters to the editor», talking points, tips for town halls, and more.

Recent news:  

Wisconsin Bishops Announce Support for Immigration Reform (PDF)

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Study Shows Bipartisan Senate Immigration Bill Will Boost Wisconsin Economy:

Click here for Wisconsin-specific data. Over 10-year period, Wisconsin to receive $6 billion in taxpayer revenue, increase in new jobs once millions earn pathway to citizenship.

Click here for the full CBO report.

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