Thank you for choosing to support Voces! We provide vital resources to the immigrant and Latinx community across the state, and your donation is key in enabling us to continue serving our community. 

A general Voces donation will aid in supporting an array of our vital community services, including but not limited to: our citizenship classes, our legal counsel, our workers’ center, and our Essential Workers Rights Network. Donations in excess of $30 also include a one-year membership in Voces de la Frontera and Voces de la Frontera Action.

A donation to the Voces de la Frontera Direct Relief Fund will directly assist the victims of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which threatens thousands of undocumented workers with losing their jobs and livelihood across the state. We are currently fighting for the 117th US Congress to pass legislation that will provide a pathway to citizenship during the pandemic, and for a new federal COVID relief package that will provide relief for all, regardless of immigration status. In the meantime, consider supporting Wisconsin families directly with your generous donation. NOTE: donations made to Voces de la Frontera’s Direct Relief Fund do not include automatic membership.

A DACA Scholarship donation will support a community member who is either applying to DACA for the first time or renewing their DACA status. Your donation will support in paying the DACA application fee, which is $495. NOTE: donations made to the DACA Scholarship do not include automatic membership.

A donation to the Voces Capital Campaign will aid in vital construction fees for our new building, located on Historic Mitchell St. in the heart of the South Side. Our new building will provide us room for our employees, citizenship/ESL classes, Caminos Legal/New Sanctuary, large meeting space, Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) gathering space, a larger organizing space for campaigns and membership drives, kitchen space, storage, a history of Voces de la Frontera permanent display, and a donor recognition mural. Donate to make this a reality!  NOTE: donations made to the Voces capital campaign do not include automatic membership.

Thank you for supporting Voces de la Frontera!