Documents regarding Voces complaints about unsafe conditions: Letters from Voces to companies; from OSHA to companies; from OSHA to Voces

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Christine_Neumann-Ortiz_statement_on_essential_worker_safety 4/20/20

Voces_letter_to_Governor_and_Legislative_Leaders 4/10/20

Voces_letter_to_JBS 4/13/20

OSHA_letter_to_Voces on American Foods 4/16/20 (see pages 2-4)

OSHA_letter_to_JBS 4/16/20 (see pages 2-4)

OSHA_letter_to_American_Foods 4/16/20

Voces_letter_to_American_Foods 4/13/20




While Trump pushes to have people go back to work, the fact is that for millions of low income and immigrant workers the economy didn’t close. Food industries kept going; health services did; nursing homes kept going.

In many of these ‘essential’ industries, Latinx are a large proportion of the workforce. And while Voces has a particular focus on immigrants, the issue of workplace safety in a pandemic concerns a great many workers.

But far too often, these essential workers do so without a proper safety environment; without assurance that if they get the virus they’ll have paid sick leave; without any serious consideration to their well-being at a time when special consideration is not only the right thing to do, it is essential for public health and a quicker end to the pandemic.

Voces has heard from these workers and has responded with force. After learning about the situation in two Green Bay meatpacking companies, Voces contacted not only the companies and the union representing workers at one of the firms, but also the Governor, Republican legislative leaders, and OSHA.

Below are documents concerning the issues at JBS Packerland and American Foods, two Green Bay meatpacking companies.

These include Voces’ letters to elected officials, the companies, and OSHA; also letters from OSHA.

Also included is a statement by Voces Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz on theis issue.

Voces encourages any worker with problems related to the COVID-19 varius to contact their union , if they have one, and Voces.

Voces, as always, looks to unite people in a common effort in order to achieve maximum effect.