Safety and Health

The Voces de la Frontera works closely with Wisconsin Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (WISCOSH), which is based next door to our Workers’ Center at 1023 S. 5th Street in Milwaukee.

What does WisCOSH do and how can it help you? 

WisCOSH’s mission is to improve workplace safety and health for all of Wisconsin’s workers. It provides legal, educational, health-related and technical services.

Most of the time WisCOSH can offer its classes for free. Many of classes and programs are funded by grants or direct donation for a specific purpose. When WisCOSH does not have funding for a program it is offered at as low a price as possible to help ensure that the information and training are able to reach all who desire it.

For more information please go to the WISCOSH website or call (414) 933-2338.