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¡Sí Se Puede! New Casa Campaign for Voces de la Frontera 

Milwaukee, WI -Voces de la Frontera has raised enough money to purchase a new building, and we need your help to be able to move in! We see our home base as a permanent Sanctuary for All – providing guaranteed space for us to organize for years to come. Through economic ups and downs, we remain steadfast in the fight for immigrant and worker rights throughout Wisconsin.

Anyone who has ever set foot in Voces’ current office space (outside of quarantine) will immediately notice the beehive of activity. What you won’t see are the many other activities that cannot be held due to lack of space. Voces has outgrown our offices and has been held back and inconvenienced from growing our top-notch programs.

Voces de la Frontera is a trusted statewide organization with deep roots in the community and a proven track record for large scale turnout on issue campaigns and elections. Voces is recognized nationally for our ability to mobilize tens of thousands of people to take bold action, including organizing the statewide Day Without Latinx & Immigrants general strikes resulting in the defeat of two state anti-sanctuary bills and 287g programs (turns local law enforcement into immigration agents).

“Voces de la Frontera has worked hard to help our community-we’ve accomplished many things together.  As a YES (Youth Engaged in the Struggle) chapter leader, I have come to love the building we occupy now, but to see how much the organization has grown is a complete honor- the new building is a direct representation of how much we’ve grown as a family- not just as an organization”-Esmeralda Rocha

We are over 50% of the way towards our final goal. In order for us to complete the renovations, provide furnishings, and move into our new political home, we need to raise a total of $442,000. And at minimum $182,000 Abefore the next stage. This will provide us room for our employees, citizenship/ESL classes, Caminos Legal/New Sanctuary, large meeting space, Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) gathering space, a larger organizing space for campaigns and membership drives, kitchen space, storage, a history of Voces de la Frontera permanent display, and a donor recognition mural.

If we want to win WI, we have the people, but we need the funding and space to make it happen. Donate to help us make this a reality!

People can make a contribution to the ¡Sí Se Puede! New Casa Campaign, by clicking here to donate. All contributions go to Voces de la Frontera, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and are tax-deductible.

For more information about the donor recognition mural or any other questions, please contact our Development Director, Stephanie Tanny, at 720-312-0367 or

Voces new building is located on the Southside of Milwaukee at 733 W. Historic Mitchell Street


733 W. Historic Mitchell Street

Photo by Vanessa Leon