Alivio y Acción: Un mensaje de Christine Neumann-Ortiz de Voces de la Frontera.

Lo que necesita saber sobre el primer paquete de alivio económico que acaba de pasar más nuestros próximos pasos en la lucha por legalización.

[English Translation]

What you need to know about the first federal relief package and our next steps in the fight for legalization.

Hi, this is Christine Neumann Ortiz from Voces de la Frontera. The federal relief package was just passed by the Biden Administration. As you know, Voces has been in the fight, along with our allies, to secure three demands within the first 100 days. (1) Inclusion of ALL immigrants in the relief package that was just introduced; (2) the legalization of millions of essential workers and their families in the second bill that will come in May or June; (3) an end to deportations. 

Today, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this first relief package. First, it’s a victory for many families that will extend relief reach, unemployment benefits, aid for small businesses, renters, and homeowners, and aid to facilitate vaccine and covid protections. This bill is responding to the national crisis. In terms of immigration, for mixed-status families, if a family has children dependents, regardless of the age, who have a valid S.S.N., they will receive economic relief of $1,400. 

This applies to everyone, if you make under $80,000 you’ll receive a stimulus check of $1,400, joint filers who make less than $160,000 will each receive $1,400. Eligible mixed-status families that have a dependent or adult with a S.S.N. will receive the stimulus check. 

For families that do not have a S.S.N., but are ITIN holders, those who are contributing as tax-paying workers, are excluded, which was one of our demands in our important fight. 

What does this mean? First, we have to see the congressional votes. In Congress, there was not one Republican, not even one of the six* that we have in Wisconsin- Sen. Johnson, and Representatives Fitzgerald, Tiffany, Steil, Gallagher, Grothman, none of them support this on a national level. Their justifications were that this type of aid wasn’t necessary, and just an incentive to stay unemployed. 

The ramifications of a political party that doesn’t recognize the mass hunger and the needs of their constituents, it would be an illusion, to dream of passing congressional bipartisan immigration reform. This means the path we started on this journey continues.

The best way forward for a pathway to citizenship for millions of essential workers and their families, who have been on the frontlines taking care of others, sacrificing their health and of their families, so that others can eat, if we are to win this legislation we need to focus on the President and Democrats to pass this in the second relief package that will be released in May / June. 

To move this forward we need to remember, although we’ve made progress under this new administration, we won’t see the level of change that is necessary if the community doesn’t show up and be present. 

This April, Voces de la Frontera will be participating in a national tour that will pass through Washington D.C. on May 1st with the demands of millions of undocumented immigrants for the second relief package. We’re asking that you share this video and the flier that will have the dates of the tour (while we maintain social distance). 

We need to spread the word that participation is needed and that the voices of undocumented essential workers are heard and there is accountability from our congressional representatives- so that they have no choice but to see the value of our contributions.

Second, May 1st will also be a day of organized action in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Save the date to participate. We will have a delegation that will represent us on a national stage in Washington D.C., where other organizations will be gathered with this same message. 

We’re counting on your support! We’ve created the conditions to win massive legalization but that success depends on us and whether or not we put fear behind us and if we move forward with dignity and pride and keep fighting. We’ve won victories, but we won’t achieve what we want without this passion that we’ve seen in the past. One more time. To win what is almost within reach.