4 facts about the Spiros Bill (AB 190)

EN ESPAÑOL: https://vdlf.org/es/5-hechos-sobre-el-proyecto-de-ley-spiros/

A bill to have public employees and local law enforcement act like Immigration agents.

Sponsored by Rep. Spiros, Rep. Kremer, Sen. Nass and others

  1. The Spiros Bill will separate Wisconsin immigrant families, disrupt the economy, and encourage people to leave the state.
  1. The Spiros Bill would prohibit local governments from keeping their employees from interrogating the public about their immigration status. AB 127 aims to turn courthouse clerks, City Hall employees, and even teachers into deportation agents.
  1. The Spiros Bill encourages racial profiling and makes local law enforcement an arm of the deportation machine. AB 127 outlaws common sense community policing that aims to build trust between local police and diverse communities.
  1. The Spiros Bill makes community members – including victims and witnesses to crime and domestic violence survivors – afraid to report crimes, making everyone less safe.

Call Governor Walker, Assembly Speaker Vos, and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald today and urge them to KILL THE SPIROS BILL!

Governor Scott Walker                Senator Scott Fitzgerald                                   Rep. Robin Vos
608-266-1212                                   608-266-5660                                                       608-266-5660
govgeneral@wisconsin.gov       Sen.Fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.gov     Rep.Vos@legis.wisconsin.gov
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