Sign the Petition to ICE to #FreeFranco!

Franco Ferreyra with his son at the St. John Vianney Parish festival in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 6/8/18. 

On Monday, June 11th, Franco Ferreyra was detained during a check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Milwaukee. Franco is a father of 4 who has lived in Wisconsin since 2001, when he was 13. He graduated from Waukesha South High School and works as a waiter at a Waukesha restaurant, and attends St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waukesha. 

Will you take 1 minute to sign this petition demanding ICE Field Office Director Ricardo Wong use his power to free Franco and reunite him with his family? Scroll to the bottom to sign Franco’s petition. 

Franco qualifies for DACA, and could apply for the program if a federal judge orders the Administration to accept new DACA applications, or if Congress passes legislation to protect immigrant young people. 

Franco’s detention comes after he was stopped in Waukesha for driving without a license. Undocumented immigrants cannot obtain driver’s licenses in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin is Franco’s home. His children need him. If Franco is separated from his children, his family will be destroyed. Franco’s detention has traumatized his family and harmed his community. Join us in urging ICE Chicago Field Office Director Ricardo Wong to use his power to release him from detention and reunite him with his children. #FreeFranco

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