Driver’s Licenses

While in-state tuition was reintroduced in the 2009-2011 state budget, the driving cards were not. Disappointingly, the Democratic Senate leadership chose to not keep the driving card option, ignoring what is in the public interest in terms of public safety and a million dollar revenue item, at a time that the state is laying off workers.

Given the impressive level of support for the driving cards, including rural and law enforcement in the state, the Coalition for Safe Roads is currently looking to introduce the driving card option as separate legislation. In addition, Voces de la Frontera is circulating a petition from voters in Senator Carpenter’s district to state their support for driving cards. We encourage members of the community to help with this effort.

FACTSHEET: Why Driving Cards Make Sense

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Read our ‘Know Your Rights‘ briefing on what the current law means.

We are also monitoring implementation and spotlighting the inherent discrimination in the law. If you hold valid documents yet have experienced problems obtaining or renewing a license, please let us know. More…


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