Campaigns Overview

Voces de la Frontera has been a regional and national leader in campaigns for immigrant worker rights.

Immigration Reform – each year since 2006 we have mobilized thousands for “Day Without Latinos” marches calling on politicians to fix our broken immigration system. With renewed hope for change under President Obama, we continue to press for a humane legalization.

Driver’s Licenses – in 2009, we renewed our efforts to win a reverse in bad state legislation that made Wisconsin’s roads less safe by denying licenses to undocumented drivers.

Education Rights – we have been working hard for both state and federal legislation to open up higher education to immigrant students.

E-Verify – we have strongly opposed this flawed work verification system, as with our successful campaigning efforts against the ‘No Match’ rule (see below).

New Sanctuary Movement – we have been central to local faith-based organizing to defend family unity against the threat of deportation

Workers’ Rights – we support low-wage and immigrant workers in getting their rights and entitlements – and offer regular ‘Know Your Rights’ trainings

Civil Rights and Policing – we have begun a campaign to document violations of civil Rights such as fourth amendment constitutional violations.

Anti-War Movement – we joined with a coalition of local organizations in opposing an escalating Iraq War and the War on Immigrants that was waged alongside


Social Security No Match – we fought strongly and successfully against this flawed plan from Bush administration for employee verification.

Get Out The Vote – we worked to strengthen democracy with massive voter registration drives in 2006 and 2008